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Having a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management but I'm in love with Tech, Data and Business!

On one hand, learning Hospitality Management for 4 years at the university has offered me the experience and insights in the industry of hotels and entertainment. My very first lesson in this profession is to know how important the satisfaction of a customer is and until now, it is still the most important lesson to me that applying to business.

On the other hand, I'm a tech-savvy guy. I was really curious about 'techs', so I tried to learn anything that makes me excited about on my own: start from building Systems using the Google Spreadsheet, then I get used to Google App Script and use it as my advantages with many other Google Products including Google AdWords (now, it's Google Ads by the way :) ). Then, after some proper learning of programming lanagues, I can create a web page with AJAX and Backend; in the mean time, I got along with Linux, and insanely loved it. With Linux, I was able to build server and create a web hosting/vps service at my home without using commercial hosting service (inshort: data-center). After sometime, I wanted my code to be more lively, so I learned IoT, now I can create a system that automate my home for me (my own smarthome system). And... this story about my tech path will be continuing so far for sure...

On the "other" other hand! I really love Data. Currently, I have the skills to preprocess data (data collection, data integrity) but doesn't have the skill to mine that data yet. So I intended to grab a subscription on datacamp.com for learning Data Analytics. Concurrently, I'm taking a course about Machine Learning on Coursera by Professor Andrew Ng at the moment.

Social! I'm a social person, I love the idea of meeting new people, and because I usually do meditating, I always smile and never getting mad at others. Plus, I can play the piano and guitar pretty well!

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Nguyễn Huy Lan

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hmmmm . . .

I'm good at Technological things

Automation, efficiency, effectiveness, lightweight, elegance are keywords that I think of whenever I do anything.

I really want to be a saler because I love to meet and talk to new people everyday. But I'm not good at talking with people yet, so currently my aim is to improve communication skill and to learn to understand people.

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Technology Consultant

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Those were the days...


My slogan: never stop learning . . .


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Pickup Service

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Coin Trading


Enthusiastic sales person looking for a position at a Digital Marketing Agency where I can apply my skills & knowledge about Technology to create new values for clients and company

I'm totally new in this field of career. All I know about it are:

If you want to be friend with someone, buy his stuff

If you want to sell something to someone, be sincere, and share him your knowledge

I'm really willing to learn how to become a good saleman, but I can't find much resources about it. So I think in this career field, the only way to learn is practicing



Website hosting service. Fast, lightweight, dedicated supports.

Website Design

Simple, elegant, and lightweight webistes.

Management System Design

Design lightweight but efficient system as your request.

Custom PC Building

Build your dreamt PC from parts. Low cost, high performance, 1 year warranty.

Techonology Consultant

Want to deploy VoIP but don't know where to start? Should you deploy an ERP and what ERP?

Hire me!

Programming Tutorial

Steve Jobs once said “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”...

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Let me show you my concerns


I have a special bond with music. My father, my aunt, my uncle, they all know how to play a musical instrument. So maybe Music was in my gene since I was born, I love listening to music, and playing the Piano. I feel very emotional doing that

You can try a song that I play from here


I love seeing things that work smartly and automatically on their own, games that play automatically by my algorithm, systems that run super fast and reliable. That's why I learn to code on my own.

In my free time, I dig deeper into the ocean of knowledge about computers, exploring the possibilities that machines bring us

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